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Whether you have a question to ask or an opinion to share, creating a thread on The Parent World will start a conversation involving people around the world. Alternative perspectives in a conversation can give you new ideas and a better understanding of your subject. You can also choose to follow members who have started threads that have interested you, enabling you to network with other parents and guardians directly.

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Online forum for parents & guardians

The Parent World is an online forum, open to anyone but specifically aimed at parents, guardians and people looking after children. We're here to help you make your life happier and easier by giving you a place to ask questions, find answers or just have a rant with others about anything parent related. Our forum is divided into several categories and sub-categories of the most popular topics of discussion. These include crisis management, advice for single parents, understanding your child, understanding teenagers, pregnancy, schools and education, work and money and even what to do with the kids during school holidays.


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Parents & guardians

A forum for parents, guardians and childcarers - single parents, foster parents, adoptive parents, dads and general parenting discussions.

Babies & toddlers

A forum for everything about your baby or toddler - feeding, concerns, behaviour, twins & multiple, sleep, development and anything else.

Your child

A forum for everything about your child or children - behaviour, concerns, special needs, activities and anything else.

Tweens & teens

A forum for everything tweened and teened - behaviour, health, bullying, relationships, routines, special needs, activities and anything else.


A forum for everything pregnancy related - getting pregnant, birthing, health, nutrition and even suggestions on choosing a baby name.

Schools & education

A forum for everything schooling and education related - home schooling, colleges & universities, school holidays and anything else.


A forum for everything childcare related - recommended childcarers, general childcare and and anything else.

Health & well-being

A forum for parental health matters - keeping yourself phsyically and psychologically fit, body issues, fashion, hair, beauty, diet and everything else.

Work & money

A forum for everything work and money related - job hunting, training, self-employment, benefits, entitlements, maintenance, CSA and everything else.

Crisis & family issues

A forum for family issues and crisis - separation, divorce, death of a loved one, relationship issues, domestic violence, custody and everything else.


A forum for everything leisure related - dating for single parents, kids entertainment, holidays, food & cooking, home & garden and everything else.

Current affairs

A forum for discussions about current affairs - whats in the news, politics & legislation and everything else.

Other stuff

A forum for everything else that just doesn't fit in any of our other categories.


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Being a parent is one of the toughest jobs in the world, but it’s also the most rewarding. You work around the clock, night and day. Even when you’re asleep, you’re still on standby. It can be demanding, stressful and mentally draining, but nurturing little beings that will have a massive impact on the world tomorrow is the ultimate job satisfaction. Whether they are cute little bundles of joy or monstrous hormonal machines, our children, our kids, the generation that will shape and form the future, are one of life’s miracles. Let us help them shape it into something beautiful. The Parent World forum was set up to give parents and child carers the opportunity to ask questions or find out answers to help these little (or large) miracles make the best of their lives.