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 About us
What is The Parent World?

The Parent World is an open forum for people who look after children. We are an archive of questions and answers written by parents and child carers around the world. We offer advice, conversation and an opportunity for you to share your knowledge in various subject areas with others.


Questions, answers and chat for parents and child carers

The Parent World was founded in 2011 with an aim to provide parents, guardians and child carer’s a place to discuss all matters child related and to provide useful information, and resources to help them make the best of their parenting experience. We are a forum for questions, answers and conversation specifically for parents and those who look after children. A place where our members can ask questions about anything, from potty training, to advice on dealing with a death in the family. Contributors include parents, parents to be, teachers, child minders, nurses and those with an interest in parenting.

Alongside our forum, we also have an events area allowing our members to list local events for free. Each event is listed under its own webpage and anyone visiting the site has access to the information without needing to sign in. We also run several competitions regularly because we know that looking after children deserves reward. Competitions include puzzles, questions and photo voting with prizes ranging from shopping vouchers, money off coupons and good old fashioned cash. As we grow, expect our prizes to grow with us so tell your friends and family about us and help spread the word.

In 2013, we began on a major overhaul of our site focusing on what our members wanted more of - advice on issues with children, family and relationships. Our site has evolved from the magazine type site that it was to the predominantly forum based site that it is now.

Our service is completely free to use. To cover our administrative costs, we rely on the revenue we receive through the advertising on our site and donations. We have made a pledge to donate a percentage of any profits we make to charities related to child care and children around the world and welcome suggestions for new charities that we can contribute to. We will be publishing more information on this as our site grows.

Our aim is to become the biggest online forum dedicated to everything parent related and with your support, we’re getting there.

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