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 About our events area
List your event or activity for free

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Our events and activities area

Our events area is a place to find local events and activities such as toddler groups, fetes, children’s activities and even things for the grown-ups. We allow our members to create an unlimited number of events pages for free. People visiting the site can search for local events and all pages are indexed with the most popular search engines, helping to promote your event. Even if you’re not an organiser of an event yourself, you probably know someone that is.

To list an event, you must be a registered member on the site. Once registered, you can control the events you list and make changes when you need to. We allow recurring events to be listed so that if your event occurs systematically and frequently, your listing is automatically updated after each occurrence. We’ll also email you before your event expires to enable you to re-list it. And all this is free! So where’s the catch you might ask? There isn’t one. Because, listing an event on The Parent World helps to promote our site too.

What sort of events can I promote?

There is no specific categories for our events as each event is listed under a set of keywords. However, given that The Parent World is specifically aimed at parents and child carers, we do expect that events have some relevance. Any type of event or activity can be listed, and some of the most common listings we have include:-

  • Craft activities
  • Children’s story groups
  • Childrens’ discos
  • Fairs
  • Jumble sales
  • Markets
  • Puppet making
  • First aid courses
  • Mind, body & spirit
  • Messy play
  • Cookery classes
  • Baby massage
  • Theatre groups
  • Pre-school activities
  • Painting and drawing
  • Half term activities
  • Yoga
  • Play cafe
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