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 Babies and toddlers forum
Questions, answers, chat and advice about babies and toddlers

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Babies and toddlers are cute little things. Ok, so they cry a lot and whine all the time but they’re little people learning about everything around them – slowly growing up to become the adults that they’ll be. As cute as they are, they can often leave parents and guardians perplexed. This forum is here to support you with all baby and toddler related matters.

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Little people growing up big...

Babies and toddlers go through endless phases as they grow up often leaving their parents or guardians confused. Just when you think you’ve solved one issue, something else arises. They keep you on your feet and demand a lot from you. But they’re not as complicated as some might believe. Most babies and toddlers like routine and it’s only when routines are broken that small things start to flare up. Sometimes, routines need to change to break them out of habits such as crying when you’re not with them or fears of silly things to name but a few. Always remember though that babies and toddlers are little people and the world around them is a big place. It can be scary and intimidating at the best of times. Whatever you have to say about babies or toddlers, you can express your views, ask questions or just have a chat in our babies and toddlers forum.



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    Started by FrannieP | 2014-06-10 20:41:01

    I'm finding my toddler extremely embarrassing at times. I know it's probably silly to say but her manners are terrible. She'll take toys from other children, she doesn't like to share. She's even take...

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    Started by amanda.clarkson.549 | 2014-02-22 22:10:37

    So this is a new anxiety that my daughter has developed over the last couple of weeks. She has never had a problem with my cat before but suddenly now the cat is the scariest thing in the house! I ...

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  • How can I get my toddler to eat vegetables?

    Started by JoannaD92 | 2014-02-13 23:11:04

    My 2 year old son has become extremely picky lately. He used to eat anything I put infront of him, but recently he's become a really fussy eater and point blank refuses to eat any vegetables on his pl...

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