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How can I teach my toddler manners?

I'm finding my toddler extremely embarrassing at times. I know it's probably silly to say but her manners are terrible. She'll take toys from other children, she doesn't like to share. She's even taken toys from a baby!

She also won't say hello to people when they're talking to her, even relatives and friends. It's so awkward at times. I have to tell them she's really shy. I don't know if it's shyness or her being plain rude. 

It's a struggle to teach her how to behave, so if anyone has any handy advice I'd love to hear it. 


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  • SuzieQ32
  • @2014-06-10 20:44:26
  • United Kingdom
  • Age: 40
What I do when I have kids round for play dates and they both want to play with the same toy is to set a time limit, but as they can't tell the time I set a timer on my phone. They see this as a bit of a game and understand that when the alarm goes off it's time for the other person to have a go. Knowing that their time will come round again makes them more willing to share the toy. 
  • AnnieB73
  • @2014-06-10 20:47:21
  • United States
  • Age: 48
Try not to be one of those mum's who say's. 'Oh don't worry, Mummy will buy you one of those'. What exactly is that teaching the child? That if they have a strop they'll get what they want. Big mistake! Try to avoid that one at all costs. 

Instead opt for letting them cry and help them find something else to play with, they'll soon get over it and the other child will no doubt get bored and want to play with something else in time anyway.

Toddlers aren't born knowing how to be well mannered, they'll usually learn how to act from the adults or siblings around them. That's not to criticise you though. However it sounds like some guidance could be in order. I would suggest lots of role-play at home with her. In the morning greet her with a big hello and a cuddle, do the same with your partner and any other kids or people in the house. When she does the same you can give her a 'being kind' sticker and praise her. When she has 20 stickers she gets a treat.

You could also give her a time out if she refuses to share or be nice to someone when they are being nice to her. But I think more carrot rather than stick, but as all children are different it depends what works best for her.
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