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My three year old keeps throwing tantrums

I could do with some advice from other parents on how to deal with my three year old daughter.

She's become incredibly clingy and wants to test my patience all the time. For example the other day she kept repeating over and over that she wanted a yoghurt and getting louder and louder even though I had said no, we were in Sainsbury's at the time and people were looking I was so embarrassed.

She then started to have a full scale tantrum in the middle of the shop and started kicking and punching me. I just lost it and screamed at her to stop it and then a women came over and asked me if I was OK and I told her to mind her own business. Poor woman, she was only trying to help. But after that incident and too many more to list, I feel like I can’t show my face in town anymore. I really don’t know how to handle her. Other times I have started crying when she does it, once in the middle of the high street. : (

Any advice would be helpful.


crying business parents

I think maybe you're struggling to tune into your child. When you go out do you wait until your child starts playing up or whining before you go home?

I suggest that you should maybe keep a notepad with you about when your daughter eats, how much she ate, whether she has a cold, whether she is too hot or too cold,when she drank, used the toilet etc. Do this for a couple of weeks, try not to show her what you are doing you don't want to draw attention to yourself.

Also think about your child's personality, does she enjoy being with other children or is she really shy, think about the activities you're doing with her, does she really enjoy them, or could you try something else?

After you've looked over your diary you'll know doubt start to see patterns emerging and seeing what you can do to change her behaviours. i.e. If you have been out for a couple of hours and she normally starts to get whiny it is probably because she normally falls to sleep on the sofa at that time, or she has a snack at that time or she's bored and want's to go home.

I hope the diary system works. It's what I tend to do with children who I look after as it helps me figure them out quicker.You will find that you'll have to do this every few months as toddlers change so much in a short time. I've found with my own children that an issue we have one month is non-existing three months down the line but there's a new problem.

Good Luck, let me know if you tried it and if it helps.

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