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Out of control toddler!

Please give me some advice - I have a toddler who is out of control! He screams and screams until I give him what he wants, he won't sleep at night , he is just driving me insane. When he screams it goes right through me and I can't hug him because at that moment I don't like it although it pains me to admit that. I do love him obviously but right now i feel like I'm gonna loose my marbles.


sleep toddler

  • Andrea
  • @2012-06-25 12:57:22
  • United Kingdom
  • Age: 2022

It sounds like your little one needs sleep! You're going to have to sort the sleep out before his behavior improves.
Your feelings are normal BTW so don't panic - I think we have all felt like that when our kids are being pains.
Read books on getting kids to sleep and try out the methods.

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