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What's in breast milk?

I expressed for the first time yesterday and put my milk in the fridge. Today I went to use it and it looked like it had curdled, but I saw a post that said it can last for five days so I warmed it up and it went back to normal. 

So I wondered what exactly is in breastmilk and how it is made up?


  • Eviesnan
  • @2014-02-02 22:43:34
  • United Kingdom
  • Age: 71
There are three parts to breastmilk. This is what you see when breastmilk is left out for a while. It will separate into three parts.

  1. The first part is the quencher, this comes out in the first 5 to 10 minutes and is similar to semi skimmed milk. It has plenty of the hormone, oxytocin. This hormone relaxes mum and makes baby sleepy.
  2. The next part is the Foremilk which starts after the quencher, about 5 to 10 mins into the feed. The foremilk is more like normal milk or the ‘main course’. It’s rich in protein, which baby needs for their brain and bone development.
  3. Finally, the desert, or Hind milk will come through after about 15 minutes. It’s deliciously thick & creamy and puts the weight on baby. Basically the same as us eating a bar of chocolate!
Source: The Baby Whisperer by Tracy Hogg
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