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5 month old baby teething

My normally very cheerful little chap has become extremely upset today. He isn't settling at all, I've given him some calpol but that hasn't worked. I have even given him a dummy to suck on but he keeps dropping it so that's not working, I have even swaddled him up so he isn't kicked all his covers off, that's making him more angry. What to do ? I need some teething advice...quickly . Thank you : (


teething dummy

Teething gel, calpol, teething rings and wet a face cloth with cold water, wring it out and put it in the fridge, he'll like chewing that and the cold will sooth his gums.
Thank you, I tried teething gel which helped a little bit, then I gave him a teddy. But I'm going to try your cold face cloth idea, that looks good, just worried about him getting wet.
Probably best to try that one in the day so you can change his clothes regularly and use a bib with a plastic backing so the damp cloth doesn't soak him, I'm sure if he's teething he's probably drooling all over his clothes anyway, so no doubt the bibs are out.
  • Mansview
  • @2014-02-07 16:50:30
  • United States
  • Age: 35
Bonjela! Never fails!
Have you tried those bikki pegs? They're nice and hard, they kind of remind me of the wooden blocks of jenga though!
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