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I don't know what my baby wants when he cries

I'm a first time mum and I'm struggling a bit with my LO and his crying. I feel like I'm automatically supposed to know what my baby wants when he cries but I really don’t have a clue and he keeps crying all the time. I don't want to tell my health visitor because I don't want her to think I'm a bad mum.

How do other mums know what their baby needs?

Please help !


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  • Eviesnan
  • @2014-02-02 23:09:58
  • United Kingdom
  • Age: 71
Hi Sams mum,
It sounds like you're feeling a bit down. You won't always feel like this and please speak to your HV, she certainly won't think you're a bad mum at all. Believe me she will have heard it a million times and us mums and nans really don’t know it all. Sometimes other people tell us, we read books, we have seen our own mums with our younger siblings or it comes naturally (the few very lucky ones).

Anyway I bought a book for 10p called The Baby Whisperer from a charity shop which explained it all. I have taken this from the book on how to read a baby’s body language. This stuff is golden and will change your life!

Body language from the head
  • Moves head from side to side = Tired
  • Turns away from object = Needs a change of scenery
  • Turns to side and cranes neck back (mouth open) = Hungry
  • When sitting upright, nods uncontrollably = Tired
Body language from the eyes
  • Red or bloodshot eyes = Tired
  • Slowly close and spring open, repeat = Tired
  • Staring into the distance with wide eyes and unblinking = Overtired, over stimulated
Body language from mouth, lips and tongue
  • Yawn = Tired
  • Lips pursed = Hungry
  • Looks like he is going to scream but no sound comes out, then a gasp and a shrieky wail. = Wind/Pain
  • Bottom lip quivers = Cold
  • Sucks tongue = Self-soothing
  • Curls tongue at the sides = Hungry
  • Curls tongue upward, without suckling = Wind or another pain
Body Language from the face
  • Grimacing or screwing face up = Wind or another pain
  • Red faced = crying too long and possibly holding breath
Body Language from hands and arms
  • Hands brought up to mouth, trying to suck them = Hungry, if baby hasn’t eaten in 2 ½ to 3 hours; otherwise they need to suckle.
  • Playing with fingers = Needs a change of scenery
  • Flailing and very uncoordinated, may claw at skin = Overtired or wind
  • Arms shaking, slight tremor = Has wind or another pain

Hopefully this will help you a bit, good luck and I sincerely wish you well x

Source: Baby Whisperer Tracy Hogg

  • MumtoSam
  • @2014-02-07 16:53:59
  • United States
  • Age: 38
Wow thank you that is helpful, got to get that book, what a help!
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