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Hair washing problems!

Just finished washing my 2 year old's hair, what a mission!! OMG! She's HARD WORK! Screaming before I even put any water on her hair! I'm so careful too, I make her put her head back so the water doesn't go in her eyes and it didn't even go in her eyes she was just crying and screaming for the sake of it working herself into a frenzie which really wound me up! Does anyone else have this problem? My older daughter wasn't like this, only if I actually got water in her eyes ( or soap : [ I was less experienced with her). 


daughter crying hair

  • monkeyme24
  • @2014-02-13 13:26:26
  • United Kingdom
  • Age: 41

hi ,

i had this for a short while until i tried the shower - once the hair had shampoo all rubbed in i used the shower head to wash it off making it fun and said its rain . My L.O was unsure at the start but it soon became a game and then loved it . If you havent got a shower you can get a cheap one which attaches to the bath taps from local shops. Try it , it may work .. make it fun 

  • Josie007
  • @2014-02-20 11:22:33
  • United Kingdom
  • Age: 27
Thanks monkeyme I'm not sure if that would work though because as soon as I turn on the shower head she starts crying. I could try the rain tactic, Any other ideas?
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