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My three year old won't go for a poop!

My three year old daughter is driving me and my partner crazy with this problem. She won’t go for poop for days. Then after about four days she starts writhing around the floor in pain, it's so bad that I can’t go out anywhere if she hasn’t done a poo.

I took her to the docs but all I got was ‘it’s normal’ and they gave me lactulose which hasn’t changed anything, it just means that her poo isn’t as hard. But her poo isn't really hard anyway.  On top of this she won’t drink, so we are having to bribe her to drink and poo it’s doing my head in.

When she does finally go for a poo it doesn't hurt her and she'll say how much better she feels, so we tell her the next time she feels like she needs to poo she should just do it and she says she will but she doesn't and the whole cycle starts again.

Just some more info: She will wee on the potty (her own one only). She will only poo in pull ups and not on the potty.

If anyone else has gone through the same thing please tell me what to do. roll


pull ups pain

My daughter was exactly the same! It's was a total nightmare, we couldn't go out when she was like it either. I thought it would never end. I think what we did was force her to sit on the potty. We took away the pull ups totally. I think she poo'd herself once which she didn't like. But the potty worked. We bought a reward potty which played tunes and has a holder for the toilet roll and a pretend flusher. They sell them at kiddicare, well worth a try !


Good luck, and it won't last forever promise x

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