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When would you introduce sugar to a toddlers diet?

I don’t believe giving young children foods or drinks with sugar in them is a good idea. I tried very hard to keep my daughter away from sugar and I managed to get away with it until she was around three. A toddler group was the first to spoil my daughter’s non-sugar diet by offering her a biscuit while she was there. I also found people in shops and other places would offer her sugary lolly pops as a ‘gift’ or ‘reward’. As a parent, it’s so difficult to say something to these people because you don’t want to appear strict in a horrible way. People are quick to judge and it’s annoying also when people assume that your child will eat anything they give them. I just didn’t want my daughter having sugar because I believe she’d be more likely to eat healthily as she gets older. Anyway, now she’s well into her sugar phase, her diet seems to be affected. She’s far more fussy eating food than she was but I don’t know whether that’s down to her age or not? I now have to give her some sort of sugary food every day. I don’t overdo it though – usually it’s a small biscuit or so, part of a chocolate bar or a yogurt

Speaking to someone the other day, they were under the impression that not giving your child sugar could lead to an intolerance of it later in life. I have no idea if this is true or not and would like to hear from other people who have something to say on this matter. How young were your children when you introduced sugar in their diet? It seems to be so hard to avoid it as so many foods now contain sugar to improve flavour. And what about the implications on children’s teeth?


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  • DIYmummy
  • @2014-02-13 22:47:51
  • United Kingdom
  • Age: 42
I think it's fine to give your toddler sugar in moderation. I wouldn't give my child loads of chocolate bars or sugary sweets, but the occasional packet of sweets or small chocolate bar doesn't really do any harm, I actually find it helps when trying to get them to behave! lol
  • Josie007
  • @2014-02-13 22:52:02
  • United Kingdom
  • Age: 27
I'm with you Tony, I would prefer to not give my child sugar, apart from natural sugars in fruit. From experience I find that kids become more fussy when you give them sweets and chocolate, but unfortunately other people will always want to give them sugary treats, it's the way it is I'm afraid, so we just have to minimise the amount we give them and let them try as much different foods as possible and hope that they enjoy the other food more than the sugary stuff.
  • Deborah63
  • @2014-02-13 22:57:55
  • United Kingdom
  • Age: 58
I raised my daughter on bowls of veg and green beans, then my friend looked after her so I could attend college when she was 2. My friend gave her milky bars and cola cola. She never wanted to eat the veg on it's own again sad I was not amused. She's been obsessed with sugar and fizzy drinks ever since. She's 13 now!

I can't stand people giving their children fizzy drinks. That's my biggest bug bear, they're far worse than the odd chocolate bar. What they do to a child's teeth is disgusting. 

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