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Who has tried Baby Led weaning?

HI, I'm looking for a bit of advice about baby led weaning. I've over heard people talking about it at toddler groups but I don't know where to find out much info, my health visitor gave me a booklet on solid feeding but it didn't really mention blw.

My baby's 3 months at the moment so I've got a bit of time before he starts on solids, so I thought I'll get to grips with this whole blw thing so I know exactly what I'm doing.

Any info you can give me would be appreciated. Thank you wink 


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  • MumtoSam
  • @2014-02-02 19:54:22
  • United States
  • Age: 38
Hi Beccy,

I love baby led weaning! love I did it with my LO. I started when she was six months and gave her carrot sticks and cucumber batons. It was more about playing and learning hand eye co-ordination rather than eating. I also initially spoon fed her the Hipp organic pots as well so I knew she was getting a feed. I also still gave her a couple of milk feeds too.

Once she was used to feeding herself I gradually moved on to letting her loose on her own meals with a spoon. But a word from the wise, make sure you cover everything! yell It's about to get messy!! But it's so worth it in the long term as my LO was feeding herself proper meals when she was under 1 and I have a friend who was still spoon feeding her daughter at 2.5 yrs old and was gutted she hadn't done it.

Good Luck  with it razz
  • monkeyme24
  • @2014-02-13 13:22:19
  • United Kingdom
  • Age: 41

Hi Beccy , 

 i did baby led weening with my L.O and was fab , i think ( for me ) it was the best way for my baby and myself to do this stage , i found it great for my L.O to get to grips with feeding herself as well as learning hand eye co-ordination .  i used to give her a hipp organic pouch or mashed up dinner i had made as well so i knew she would have enough as well as milk .

I started with things like banana, pieces of carrot , toast , apple , bread sticks ect .

tip - its messy so be prepared !

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