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Is it right to smack a child?

We can all feel like giving our child a smack from time to time when their behaviour is unruly. But what are your experiences in smacking your child. Were you smacked as a child? Do you think it's right or wrong? When is it justified, when is it not? 

This is what the UK law says about a parent smacking a child:

As a parent, you have a legal right to smack your child. However, if the violence you use is severe enough to leave a mark, for example a scratch or a bruise, you can be prosecuted for assault, or the child can be taken into local authority care.
Please let me know your thoughts on this.

Source: http://www.adviceguide.org.uk/wales/law_w/law_civil_rights_e/law_young_people_e/young_peoples_rights.htm#h_punishment



violence parent

I would give my child the occasional smack on the bum when she's consistently ignoring me and behaving badly (after a lot of chances). I would also smack my child if they ran into the road, it would make them think, running into the road = pain, either from mum or a car. Then I'd tell them why I was so angry and how dangerous that was. 

The problem we have in today's society is that the minority have gone too far with disciplining their children (it's actually beyond discipline it is abuse) and then if we smack our own children, it get's frowned upon, as if we're raving child abusers. It's simply not the case. When I was younger I would get a smack if I was getting too bolshy and I knew how far my mother would go before she'd snap. But she wasn't beating me with belts or slippers, it was a quick smack on the bum to keep me in line and it worked. I don't see what's so wrong in that. 

  • AnnieB73
  • @2014-06-23 11:24:49
  • United States
  • Age: 48
No it's not right ever! I think parents who hit their children should be done for gbh, simple as that. You can't hit an adult so why is it right to hit a small child? 
  • DadofJack
  • @2014-06-23 11:37:57
  • United Kingdom
  • Age: 37
I only ever smack my child in extreme circumstances. The reason is simple, one day he'll be bigger than me LOL! lol 

But seriously, I don't think it's right to smack a child because it teaches them that when you're not happy you smack someone, how will they cope with nursery and school and the real world?  If their default is to lash out when things aren't going right it's not the best skill set to provide them with. It's best to show them how to compromise, share, be empathetic and have tolerance of others. Oh and a naughty step!
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