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My ten year old son's being bullied

My son's been getting bullied by a group of boys a year older than him for the past six months. They live nearby and also go to the same school, so he can't get away from them.

It all started when my son had a new bike and took it to the park near our house and the main bully wanted a ride, but my son said he couldn't as it was his new bike. From that day on this boy and his horrible friends have made my son's life a misery. They've hit him, kicked him, spat on him, tripped him over, shouted abuse at him in the street and park.

The last incident was when he went to the park with his friends. The park is next to our house so I let him go there with his friends. The bullies were all there and for no reason all crowded around him and started beating him up. His friends ran away (nice friends hey but I guess they don't want the same treatment) ! He came home in tears with cuts all over him and covered in mud where they'd kicked him to the floor. I was so mad I ran to the park but they'd all gone. If they were there I would not have been responsible for my actions. 

My son is such a lovely boy, he's sweet and caring, clever and adorable but he's short and wears glasses and isn't a tough kid. I guess this is why he's being picked on. I hate these boys so much and I don't know what to do as they live near us and go to his school. The school haven't really helped as they said it all seems to be going on outside of school.

I just don't know what to do.


bullies home abuse boy school bully boys

  • Tony1979
  • @2014-02-03 15:52:01
  • United Kingdom
  • Age: 42
The first thing you need to do is look at other schools, if the school isn't helping then they're no good and at least you're son won't have to face these bullies there alone. At least threaten to change schools or go to Ofsted about their lack of help, they'll soon change their tune.

The second thing you must do is get him enrolled in a martial arts group or boxing or kick boxing. These skills are there so if he is attacked he can defend himself. He'll also find that when he knows he can easily defend himself he will have more confidence and as a result he won't get bullied.

I know this because I was very similar to your son, I got bullied for years, I was overweight, I wore glasses I was an easy target for bullies. Finally when I was 16 my mum sent me to karate and my life changed in six months, I became fitter, healthier and had more confidence than I'd ever had before.

Finally I would probably pay a visit to these kids parents but that's just me. LOL!

I hope my advice helps you. 

  • JulesS31
  • @2014-02-03 15:55:44
  • United Kingdom
  • Age: 40
Wise words from Tony ! I think martial arts is the way forward to give your son a defence and some confidence. My son (who's 7) has just started Taekwondo and he loves it. He was rather shy before but it's brought him out of himself.  

I hope you can get it sorted. x (Big hugs) 

  • Pamela78
  • @2014-03-12 13:14:01
  • United States
  • Age: 43

Also, confronting bullies often stops it too (in fact, I think it stops it 80% of the time). So if you or a neighbor happens to get footage on a cell phone and then tell them you have evidence...it often stops.

If you can, talk to the parents of  some of the boys


THe best thing is to intervene when you see it, or another adult on your street.


Finally, watch your son carefully...bullying can have lasting effects, so the other ideas of getting involved in martial arts, or sports or something that makes him feel confident is really good.

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