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The Underwear Rule - Let's talk PANTS

Have you heard the latest adverts from the NSPCC to keep children safe from child abuse by having simple conversations with them about their bodies and how to stay protected and safe? 

Click the links and read the guides from the NSPCC one for you and one for your child.

NSPCC Underwear Rule PANTS Parents Guide

NSPCC Underwear Rule PANTS Childs Guide

Each line of PANTS spells out the following messages:

Privates are private
Always remember your body belongs to you
No means no
Talk about secrets that upset you
Speak up! Someone can help



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Trying to talk to my 2 yr old about this as she goes to nursery but it's difficult, any ideas on how to present the whole PANTS thing to a 2 yr old?
  • Cassy1970
  • @2014-03-12 13:42:35
  • United States
  • Age: 52

I think just telling them. THey may not understand all the details, but they will know enough to begin to protect themselves and others.

"These are called private parts, no one but you and Mommy see them".

Your body (your hands, feet, tummy, is yours)

When you hear anyone say NO, it means NO. 

If you are worried, or not sure, talk to Mommy or a teacher or other adult.

Speak up means to tell someone if you are not sure or if you saw something bad.

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