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Am I better of single?

My husband and I used to have such an amazing relationship, but it all seemed to change slowly as each child came along. We've got three children under 7 and at first he was great with them, really attentive and helpful, he'd read them bedtime stories and make sure he played with them every night after work. But for the past year and a half I've felt like a single mother. He's changed his hours at work and now he's doing really long hours, so we never see him. He goes out at 7am and gets home at 8pm, after the kids have gone to bed, so I've got all the responsibility of the children.

He doesn't appreciate me and criticises everything I do, from my parenting style to his packed lunch. He says I've got an easy life and watch telly all day whiles he's out earning the money. He's no idea how hard it is looking after 3 young children alone, one of them is always trying to get my attention. I love my kids so much but they're hard work.

I used to work at the same place as him and I know how relaxing the job is compared to looking after my brood. I obviously don't work so I rely on him to give me money but after the rent and bills are paid there isn't much left. He won't see the kids go without, but then he'll spend the rest of his wages on a Friday night with his work mates. It's so depressing, I feel so lonely with just the kids for company and we don't laugh anymore as a couple. I feel like we're moving in different directions and I wonder if I'd be better off alone because I don't see what the point of our relationship is anymore.  sad


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