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Doing lines, picking up litter, will it work?

Having a teenager who is a handful at the best of times, I can't help but wonder if doing lines and picking up litter will make any real difference. Yes I agree some consequences need to take place and detention doesn't seem to be a deterant to bad behaviour. But what would be the answer to sorting out the troubles schools have these days with bad behaviour?



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  • Pamela78
  • @2014-03-02 23:54:54
  • United States
  • Age: 43

I am from the US, and we have the same issue here. There is no accountability and the inmates are running the prison. Somehow, kids have to care about school and what happens to them, and this seems impossible given the fact that they are in a situation they hate (usually) and their folks are working 2 or three jobs and never home.

Getting teens where it hurts, like taking away tech or friend time seems to work, but you need parents for that.

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