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Ofsted focuses on teachers clothes

The Education Inspector Ofsted has said that it will focus their attention on the teachers clothes! Fearing that some teachers are not dressed smartly enough.

Whilst I understand that teachers need to dress smartly in order to encourage pupils to respect them and their own uniforms, but seriously is this a big too much. I mean it’s hard enough getting teachers into the profession as it is, should it really be down to Ofsted to tell them how to dress. Surely if a teacher looks scruffy the head would pull them up on it, as would happen in any job.

Ofsted need to concentrate on making sure our children are leaving school as well rounded individuals with life skills as well as qualifications, and stop wasting time on the small stuff. And support the teachers to stay in the job and be better preapared for the classroom so they don’t leave within a few years. 

What are your thoughts on this story ?

For the full story read this article in the telegraph.


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