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 Forum for your child's schooling and education requirements
Questions, answers, chat and advice about schools, education and related matters

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Ensuring your child gets the best education is one of the most important items of consideration for any parent or guardian. Finding the right school can be challenging and there may be entrance requirements to meet. This forum is here to provide you with advice and answers and give you an opportunity to support others with your experiences.

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Learning is like ABC...

Your child is learning something new every day. They don’t have to be in formal education to be learning. In fact, they learn a lot at home with their family and the people around them. Educating a child isn’t just about the academic level they can achieve. It’s about teaching them values, responsibility, ethics and social awareness. Every day is an educational day for a child and it’s important they learn in the best way they can.

You may be looking to find a particular type of school for your child, or perhaps your child is older and ready for college or university. We’re here to help support you with any matters relating to your child’s schooling or education through advice, questions, answers and general chat.


Young girl colouring

Latest threads in education

  • Unisex toilets..Good idea or terrible one?

    Started by Annabelle77 | 2014-03-19 09:50:09

    I was listening to LBC and couldn't believe my ears at the suggestion of unisex toilets in a secondary school in Kent in a bid to combat graffiti in the toilets. I don't see how that will help. To my ...

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  • How can I get my kids to take school seriously?

    Started by Iep Mom | 2014-02-27 14:13:39

    I have a son, 7. He is in second grade. He goes to school and is not a problem, but he just does not take school seriously. He rushes through his  work, it  is sloppy, has careless...

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  • Advice on Home Schooling needed

    Started by EricaC83 | 2014-02-03 16:16:42

    Hi Guys My son has Asperger's and was bullied at his last two schools, I've just moved him again but he's refusing to go most days and I fear that it's starting again. It's breaking my heart.&nb...

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