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Whatever your event, a kids fair, a jumble sale, a karate club or even a therapy weekend for parents, The Parent World is here to help you promote it. Creating a listing with us is free and each event has its own webpage. You can include a picture with your event listing, a link to an external website and a formatted description that forms a unique web page on The Parent World all about your event.

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If you want to add more information and include more pictures and links in your events page, you can opt for a featured listing. Featured listings also appear at the top of our search results and are promoted throughout our site. Featured listings are priced according to the country they are promoted in, the duration of the event and frequency.

To create a featured listing, you must create a free listing first and feature it from your account. For help on how to do this, click here.

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We strongly suggest that you plan your events page in a word processor to check spelling and as a back up in case your form isn't processed correctly.

Choose a title that accurately describes your event - one that stands out, e.g. Music Makers - adult and toddler club in West London.

You are entitled to link an image to your listing for free. This will be shown alongside it in our previews and on the top of the listing. Please ensure your link is absolute and complete with extension, e.g. http://www.somesite.com/someimage.jpg

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Describe your event in detail and any information associated with it that you would like the general public to know. Make your events page interesting to look at - include pictures

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Format: YYYY-MM-DD hh:mm

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Please ensure you have checked all the detail in your submission as you may be unable to modify some of the information once it has been approved and published. Please check any spelling.