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What can I replace bread with?

Hi all!

I don't think I have a wheat intolerance, or anything like that, but I do become very windy after eating bread (sorry for TMI) and my stomach becomes very bloated. I also watched a documentary recently, I think it was called 'The truth about food' or something like that and I was really shocked to see what goes into bread. So I think it's time to cut down a little bit.

The problem is I eat bread all the time, I have toast for breakfast, sandwiches for lunch and sometimes I have bread and butter with my dinner, so I'm not sure what to have instead. Can anyone give me a few ideas please? 

Thank you  


  • dandy_andy
  • @2014-02-28 21:51:56
  • United Kingdom
  • Age: 46
I've often tried to replace in bread in my diet but it's quite difficult. I've always regarded bread as my main source of fibre but I know now that isn't true. Having spoken to various friends about this, they suggested I restrict my consumption of bread to perhaps just the morning and have lots of vegetables, meats and fish for main meals. I have a similar issue with bread where it tends to bloat me out if I eat too much of it. And yes, I also watched a recent documentary about bread and it's contents. Shocking. Maybe the way forward is to make your own?
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