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In order to use The Parent World, you must have a valid email address or a Facebook or Twitter account. If you register to contribute to our service directly, we will ask you for your email address. If you log-in through Facebook or Twitter, we will extract your main email address associated with your Facebook or Twitter account. We never show email addresses to other users on our site; your email address will remain confidential.

If you register with us directly, we will ask you to validate your email address. This is to ensure the email address is valid. If you cannot validate your email address, you won’t be able to complete your registration and will be unable to contribute to the site.

Facebook and Twitter login and privacy

When you log-in to use The Parent World service using your Facebook or Twitter account, we will ask you for certain limited information about your profile. We only take very basic information about you such as your name, your email address, your gender and your location. We do not need access to other information such as friend’s lists and profile feeds.

Contributing to The Parent World by logging in with your Facebook or Twitter account is quick and easy and eliminates the need to validate an email address.

Registering - step 1

Select the SIGNUP option from the top menu and choose to either register online or click on the Facebook/Twitter icons...

registration step 1

If you choose the Facebook route, a dialogue box should open up to let you sign in to Facebook (if you’re not already signed in). If you already have Facebook open on your device, a permissions dialogue box will open requesting that you grant the application permission to use some of the details in your Facebook account. Twitter users are diverted to a separate page that will request your permission in order to continue.

registration step with Facebook/Twitter