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Managing your account

You can manage your account by selecting the options from the dropdown menu at the top of a page. You have various options to enable you to use the site efficiently.

The Parent World uses "screennames" and avatars to identify people. Screennames are essentially online identities and are used to keep your personal details confidential. We never show your email address or real name to anyone. You can change your screenname at any time but its recommended that you select a name and stick with it as it will effectively become a name people will remember you by. This becomes more important as you accrue more points and status.

My account & avatar

Where fields are not greyed out, you can make changes. If there are items highlighted, it is advisable you correct them to ensure your account information is up to date and current.

You can upload or replace an avatar at any time by selecting an image file from your computer and clicking the [Upload] button. We have not yet had any reports of issues with this upload function but if you are presented with any issues, please contact us stating which device, operating system and browser you are using so that we can check compatibility.

New password

If you want to change your password, you can do it under your account profile page [My account & avatar]. All you need to do is enter your new password in the password field and confirm this in the confirm password field then submit the form. Your password will be changed instantly.

New email

You can change the email address associated with your account by entering a new one in the email field and submitting the form. A verification email will be sent to your new email in order to confirm the email account exists. Until it has been verified, your old email address will be associated with your account. Please ensure you verify your new email address within 24 hours otherwise the verification code won’t be valid.

Your location

Although optional, if you provide us with details of your location (such as a town, city or postcode), it enables us to target more relevant information to you, particularly with events.

About you

Writing a little something about yourself is optional but helps let other members get to know you. You can say anything about yourself here, what you do, how many kids you have, how long you’ve been a parent for etc. Be creative about what you write because the more interesting you make the ‘about you’ section, the more notice you’re likely to get from other users. We run competitions throughout the year and reward our top contributors and those who have the highest number of followers.

Your points and rating

This is explained in our points and rating help section. Your current status is shown on your account screen and it tells you how many points you have. The more points you accrue, the more status you earn, the higher the chance of you winning a reward and the more contributions you can make in a day.