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Technology and kids - Reading eggs review

Ok so we as a society use technology more and more every day for more and more uses ( the prime example is the internet what cant you do on it now lol), and as the adult generations uses and advantages grows for technology so does the need for our children's. I myself am a farther of 5 boys and I am an avid gamer ( big up for battlefield 3 lol) , and as such have allowed all my kids to grow to play video games. Now the world our children are growing up into is a totally technology run world, but I have often thought maybe I should of held my children back from video games for a couple of years longer than I did due to the ever growing usage of video games in there life's and lack of everything else!!!! My boys have all succeeded there older siblings by being a better gamer at a set age, for example my oldest (who is now 12 )was playing video games to a moderate ( needed allot of help) standard by the age of 3 and his younger brother (who is 4 ) was an excellent gamer (needing little help) by the age of 3. Now I know there may be many people now frowning and saying oh that's totally wrong video games at that age is wrong, but there times for play our limited and structured to allow time for other activities (which believe me if it wasn't they would probably spend all there spare time on video games),and also I realise that our children our like mini versions of grown up society we live in , where we have social networks,I phones , androids and other such electronic toys, they have nintendo DSI, ,xbox and PlayStation3. Anyways I thought to myself the other day I would implement a day for my children with no video games or internet games (see if they would blow some dust of some of those hundreds of toys they hardly interact with) , as you can imagine there was uproar amongst the children ........


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  • JulesS31
  • @2014-02-06 22:26:48
  • United Kingdom
  • Age: 40
Brilliant review pipesandstrings. Have you found any more sites recently which are educational and fun for kids? I could do with keeping my kids amused.lol
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