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Cupcakequeen | parent | female | United States

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About me

My screen name is more to do with my cupcake addiction than me being a cupcake making expert LOL! 

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Cupcakequeen has not yet created a blog. Did you know that you can create a timeline blog (like a diary) on The Parent World about your life and experiences. You can update this as often as you like and it's a great way to keep any of your followers up to date with things going on.
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Need to lose weight, does 5 2 diet really work with HIIT?

I'm struggling to lose a stone in weight and I'm attending a wedding in June so I need ideas for a quick fix! I've heard about the 5:2 diet and I wondered if anyone has had good results from it? I'm also wondering about High Interval Intensity Training and if anyone has done that either? I've been reading all about HIIT this morning and it sounds like a bit of a miracle for busy mums, I haven't started it yet though because I'm a bit worried about my knees, I'm not sure why but in the last 3 months they've been really painful when I put pressure on them, I'm not sure if it's a weight thing or the fact that I was on steriods for an injury for five months. I'm kind of scared to find out to be honest.  Anyway if anyone has got any good advice or recipes add it to the thread. Thanks Loads! ...


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