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About me

Who am I?

I am one of the founders of The Parent World and the sole design director for the site. I am also a devoted father of two. I spend much of my time juggling family life and working on websites like this, as well as running a product design consultancy so I’m always very busy. In fact, sometimes I wish there was more time in a day.

What I do...

My first child was born in 2010 and my latest in 2013. Fatherhood hit me very fast but I am so grateful for having two lovely healthy children who are my world. Before I began work on this site, I used to spend so much of my time trawling through the internet to find answers to common day problems. Towards the end of 2013, I took charge of the design of the Parent World in an effort to make things easier for parents like me. I am lucky to have a strong team of people around me who are experts in website design, content management, branding, marketing and also parenting. And I am equally grateful to the people who make this site what it is - our contributors - The Parent World members who I cannot thank enough for helping make this site a success. As a parent myself, you will often find me contributing on the site, asking questions or trying to share my limited wisdom helping others.

Parenting isn’t easy and before I had my children I used to look at how others were raising theirs often commenting that I would do things differently. But as all us parents know, the reality of raising children isn’t what we fantasised about before we had them. Anyway, I’ll stop my rant now as I’m sure you’re getting bored if you’ve managed to get this far. I’d like to finish by saying thank you to anyone who has contributed to The Parent World and thank you to you – the viewer – who has arrived at this site for a specific reason. I hope you enjoy it and that it proves to be a useful resource for you.

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My 15 year old daughter has got a boyfriend who's a year older than her, who she's spending all of her time with. She even stays at his house, even though they are in separate rooms. But I don't want to be naive and think that they're not up to anything, we were all young once right!?  Now I'm not sure if I should get her to go on the pill. I don't want her to think I'm accepting her having sex or encouraging it, but I don't want her getting pregnant either. We've got a very open relationship and talk about anything.  How can I deal with this situation? Any ideas or tried and tested plans?...


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