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Dora the explorer | parent | female | United Kingdom

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About me

Hi, I'm a mum to a 4.5 month old baby & a three year old girl. I work in a nursery and been married for 6 years.

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My bf's daughter is hitting mine

I have been friends with my best friend for over 15 years. We met in college and been inseparable ever since, so when we had children at a similar time three years ago I thought it would be brilliant because we'd be able to to the toddler groups together and go for coffee's etc. But we didn't envisage our children not getting along! They are both three and got on well together until this year. Now my friends daughter is practically bullying mine. She takes his toys, hits him and calls him names. It's become really awful because my friend doesn't say anything to stop her from doing it, it's making me really dislike my friend and her daughter. I know she is just a child but there is no excusing her behaviour, it's vile. I think if my friend told her off she wouldn't do it, but she's allowed to get away with it so she does. The other day she called me and told me that her daughter had got into trouble at nursery for hitting another child and they had asked my friend to speak to her dau...


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