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 Parenting forum for parents & guardians
Questions, answers, chat and advice about parenting types, styles and matters related

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Parenting is arguably the most difficult job in anyone’s life but it’s also the most rewarding. Many parents and guardians feel that raising a child is like a battle, leaving them worn out, unhappy and unable to cope. But fear not as our forum is here to help, with contributions from other parents around the world. Remember, you’re not alone and never will be.

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Advice for parents & guardians...

Everyone looking after a child or children knows how difficult it can be. The highs and lows can take their toll on anyone and it’s good to know that there is a lot of support from people in a similar situation. Our parents and guardians forum is a place for you to ask questions, make conversation and even offer your own advice to others about your parenting style and experiences. You might be a same sex couple needing advice, or you may be thinking about fostering and want to ask other foster carers about their experiences. You may be a dad who is struggling to see his children or you might be a step-parent pulling your hair out over a delinquent child who doesn’t value you. Find answers here or ask your question for support from our other members in a similar position.


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Latest threads in parents

  • How do you tell your kid he has two moms?

    Started by Iep Mom | 2014-02-27 14:16:42

    My wife and I adopted a boy at age 2. He is now aged 7 We live in a very tolerant part of the United States, but he is starting to ask questions. We have the idea to just tell it to him like it is; he...

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  • Ex keeps bad mouthing me to the kids

    Started by forumfan | 2014-02-27 11:38:12

    My children have just spent the half term with their dad and came home this weekend. My 14 yr old son was very quiet which was a bit odd, he's normally pretty chatty, I just put it down to being a tee...

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  • No money, pay day loans out of control

    Started by Miranda83 | 2014-02-27 11:24:04

    I'm in an impossible situation at the moment. I'm still on maternity allowance but I needed to buy things for my baby so I ended up using a couple of pay day loan companies on the net. It was fine at ...

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  • Can you give me some advice on fostering?

    Started by SiobhanB55 | 2014-02-03 16:04:49

    I've been seeing posters asking if you can foster a child all over my local area recently. I keep wondering whether I'd make a good foster parent, as I was fostered myself by a lovely couple for 11 ye...

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  • I never have any me time

    Started by womenarealwaysright | 2014-02-02 22:18:32

    Hello! I'm 19 and recently had my second baby and although I'm really happy that he's here and I love both my children to pieces, I'm struggling to find any 'me' time and it's making me f...

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