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Parents - Dads

Dads, daddies, fathers, papas, pa’s… whatever your preference, don’t usually have much of a say in parenting forums so we’ve created an area specifically for dads. That’s not to say that dads can’t or shouldn’t use any of the other areas, we’d just like to keep this area for the dads of the world. Just try and avoid the football talk – keep it all related!

As a father, there is often a misconception that the parental responsibility isn’t as great as the mothers. In fact, a father’s role is equally vital for the healthy development of any child. With the conventional expectations of a dad changing, there is pressure to understand exactly what’s expected of them. Dads can have a raw deal sometimes and it’s time for them to have their say. Perhaps you're a dad raising children on your own or a dad who isn't able or allowed to see their children. We're here to support you with questions, answers and conversation.

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