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Parents - Foster parents

Fostering a child offers a chance for displaced children to integrate into a safe, supportive and loving family environment, usually on a long term temporary basis. Unlike adoption or conventional parenting, foster parents usually have support from state organisations and groups who can also help financially. Many foster parents have children of their own, sometimes still living with them. The integration of a foster child in any family environment can be difficult and demanding for both the parents and the child.

If you’re a foster parent or thinking of fostering a child, you probably have many questions and concerns. The reality of fostering depends on the child and the environment it is placed in. You may take on a problem teen who is making life very difficult for the rest of your family. Or you might have a child who is crying everyday missing their real parents. Perhaps you just need a place to vent your frustrations or maybe you want to ask other foster carers what it’s like looking after a foster child. The Parent World provides foster parents support through questions, answers and conversation.

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