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Can you give me some advice on fostering?

I've been seeing posters asking if you can foster a child all over my local area recently. I keep wondering whether I'd make a good foster parent, as I was fostered myself by a lovely couple for 11 years, from the age of 5. 

I'd love to make a difference to a child's life but bringing up children is hard and now my own have grown up I'm not sure whether to downsize and get a posh clean apartment or take the plunge and take in a child who needs a home. 

Does anyone on here foster? What age group would you suggest? Is it like childminding, as I did that for a few years and found it hard work trying to keep the kids and the parents happy, and Ofsted. What's it really like? 


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  • AnnieB73
  • @2014-02-11 18:21:18
  • United States
  • Age: 48
Fostering is an amazing thing to do and if you're prepared to take the rough with the smooth it's a very rewarding path. My sister is a foster carer and takes in teenagers. Which you might not want to do but she actually really enjoys it. Her LA are really helpful and put her on tonnes of training courses.

If you want more info I would suggest that you contact your local council as they probably have regular fostering evening's where you can ask all the questions you need to know.

Don't expect that it will be a walk in the park, it may not be, you will come across problems. They can be anything from head lice and poor hygiene to being screamed at by the child's parents. But you'll also get a wonderful feeling being able to give a child a stable home where they can feel safe and cared for.

I'd say got for it! I would do it myself if I had the room. 

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