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I never have any me time


I'm 19 and recently had my second baby and although I'm really happy that he's here and I love both my children to pieces, I'm struggling to find any 'me' time and it's making me feel a bit crazy.

My boyfriend is always out and about, he's working, which I know I shouldn't moan about as he's earning money us. But then after work he feels entitled to go out to the pub with his mates after being at work all day, but he doesn't think about the fact that I've been with two small children all day, every day and I need some adult time or a night out. He just thinks I'm at home having fun all day and he's the only one working hard.

I don't have any family nearby so I can't ask them for help and none of my friends have children, so they're out all the time and don't really want to babysit or come round to mine when they could be in a bar or club. I don't blame them. Sorry if I sound ungrateful I'm just feeling a bit down at the moment because I feel old before my time. If there are any other young mums who can give me a bit of advice that would make me feel better. Thanks


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  • Pamela78
  • @2014-03-02 23:51:43
  • United States
  • Age: 43

ONG, I can so relate. Even though my kids are older now, it is the same. My SO works 12 hours, then stops for a drink. I end up being along  14 hours a day. Totally gets to you.


For me, I started just doing things I wanted to do on my own. SO, if I want to go to a show, I just go. In your case, you have to get a  a baby sitter. If you cannot leave your kids, maybe mediate. I know it sounds like not a lot, but here is a free app for iPhone and the meditations are SHORT, like 5 or 6 minutes.


Maybe that can help a little.

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