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Parents - Single parenting and bringing up children on your own

Single parents have a tough job performing the role of both parents. Raising children is difficult enough with two but on your own, you might feel like you’ve taken on far more than you could possibly handle. The good news is there are lots of people like you in a similar situation and our forum provides support and conversation with other single parents bringing up children on their own.

As a single parent, you may have an ex-partner who isn’t visiting your child or children enough, or you might be finding it difficult juggling work and caring for them. Looking after any child is a full time job in itself and without support, it can be the most challenging aspect of your life. We’re here to support you and give you access to other people who have the same set of challenges.

  • Ex keeps bad mouthing me to the kids
    Started by forumfan 2014-02-27 11:38:12


  • No money, pay day loans out of control
    Started by Miranda83 2014-02-27 11:24:04