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No money, pay day loans out of control

I'm in an impossible situation at the moment. I'm still on maternity allowance but I needed to buy things for my baby so I ended up using a couple of pay day loan companies on the net. It was fine at first, I was able to pay them back for the first couple of months, but then my car needed an MOT and had a big problem with the clutch which cost me hundreds of pounds. Being on my own with a baby I couldn't be without my car, but I didn't have the money to pay for it, so I used another pay day loan company. Then last month my sister turned 40 and I felt like I couldn't admit to her that I didn't have the money to buy her a present (we don't really have a very close relationship, plus she's really successful and happily married and lives in a huge house and looks down on me being a single mum). So I ended up having to borrow more money to buy her a few gifts. I owe £1450 in total. The problem now is that I'm trying so hard to pay these loans back, to avoid the huge APR's that it's become hard to buy normal things, nappies, petrol, food! I've even borrowed more now to pay the minimum payments.

I don't know how to get out of this mess. I can't tell my family as they'll be even more disappointed in me. Please help : ( 


nappies relationship money baby maternity

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