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Contractions starting and stopping!

Hi, I'm so confused, this is actually my third baby, so I thought he would be early and quick, but I don’t know if I'm in labour or not. I've been having contractions (well they certainly feel like contractions) for two days but they aren't consistent. It feels more real than braxton hicks. They started on Wednesday eve and got closer and closer together but by midnight they started to tail off, then I fell asleep and they went completely. Thursday came, they started up again around 11 am so I told my partner, "This is it", I got my bag ready, I told my mum to be on standby for my other kids and then by 2 pm they became less frequent : ( Now today (Friday) the same thing has happened. Arrggghh Is it labour or not? My due date was the 4th Feb. cry 


mum braxton hicks contractions labour baby

Oh sweetie, labour can be so cruel! Really feel for you , how 's it going now? 
It sounds like it's coming but it might not be until tonight or tomorrow, but make sure your bag is bagged because it won't be much longer.
I had the exact same thing with mine. It went on for days I felt so frustrated, I think mine happened on the 4th day but that was my first. I thought the more you had the quicker they come as well. Another pregnancy myth hey? I hope it's happening for you xx 
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