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 Our Terms of Use
- summarised

This page outlines the key points that form our Terms of Use. It has been created to make it easier for some people to understand the terms of using our site and our privacy policy. Our full and complete Terms of Use can be found by clicking here.

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To use The Parent World, you must agree to following:-

  1. If you want to contribute to The Parent World with a thread, comment, listing, advertisement or any other content, you need to register as a member by creating an account or use an existing Facebook or Twitter account.
  2. If you use a Facebook or Twitter account to login with, we will extract basic information about you such as your name, username, birthday, gender, location and email address so that we can identify you later.
  3. You are responsible for all uses of your account even if not authorised.
  4. We will keep a record of your account details including your email address so that we can contact you with updates to our service and content that may interest you.
  5. We never display email addresses on our site nor will we give your email address to anyone else.
  6. We never use your real name publically on our site. We only use it when we contact you or notify you with regards to your account through email correspondence or directly through our site.
  7. Anything you contribute on The Parent World (threads/posts/comments) must not contain material that is offensive. Material considered offensive includes:-
    1. Adult content (including messages containing sexually explicit language)
    2. Anything that contains text or images copied from somewhere else without the permission of the original creator
    3. Anything that encourages the use of illicit substances.
    4. Text or images that are unlawful, harassing, abusive, racially offensive or obscene.
    5. Anything that encourages conduct that could constitute a criminal offence.
    6. Anything considered spam or irrelevant to the site.
  8. Anything you post on The Parent World is your responsibility and is not necessarily a view or opinion of The Parent World or its licensors
  9. The Parent World reserves the right to terminate accounts and/or remove any content without giving reason
  10. If you terminate your account, we may still keep any content you have created on our site which may include references to your Facebook public profile or Twitter accounts if you used these to login with.
  11. You will not use The Parent World to sell a product, service or advertise a website or event unless you do so through our commercial advertising route - details of which can be found here.
  12. You will not hold the parent world responsible or liable for anything that happens as a result of any advice or information you have found on the site.
  13. You are aged 16 or over.
  14. If there is anything you need clarification about, please contact us. We are not always able to answer queries quickly but we do endeavour to answer all queries.

Last updated: 1st January 2014