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 Threads needing a response
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Amongst all the new threads created, it can be easy to lose and forget some. The threads selected below need attention and you could help the members that created them by providing your responses or feedback. You might just make someone’s day.


What's in breast milk?
babies-and-toddlers / breast-bottle-feeding

I expressed for the first time yesterday and put my milk in the fridge. Today I went to use it and it looked like it had curdled, but I saw a post that said it can last for five days so I warmed it up and it went back to normal.  So I wondered what exactly is in breastmilk and how it is made up?

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My three year old won't go for a poop!
babies-and-toddlers / potty-training

My three year old daughter is driving me and my partner crazy with this problem. She won’t go for poop for days. Then after about four days she starts writhing around the floor in pain, it's so bad that I can’t go out anywhere if she hasn’t done a poo. I took her to the docs but all I got was ‘it’s normal’ and they gave me lactulose which hasn’t changed anything, it just means that her poo isn’t as hard. But her poo isn't really hard anyway.  On top of this she won’t drink, so we are having to bribe her to drink

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My four year old little boy won't sleep
children / sleeping-problems

I have a four year old little boy who refuses to go to sleep. Every night we have a bedtime routine of bath then bed and story, but he won’t sleep after the forth story! He keeps coming down the stairs and pestering us saying he can’t sleep. He wasn't always like this, he slept really well as a baby, but when he reached the grand old age of three he stopped being a good sleeper, I don't know why, I can't say what happened, it's a mystery to me and my partner. We thought it was a phase but a year later he still isn't sleeping. I really need to end this now so that we can change his sleeping pattern. What can I do?   I wish 

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He's always getting sick!
babies-and-toddlers / general-toddlers

My 2 year old DS has been plagued by illness since he was 3 months old. He constantly has a cold, cough, sickness, or fever. We used to live in Dubai so he was used to temperatures in the 30's and 40's and living in the cold & wet UK doesn't seem to agree with him at all. Or me for that matter, I want to go back to Dubai so badly but my husband's work didn't go the way we planned. I feel like I’m losing the plot, the doctor thinks he has a dust allergy and so we removed all of the carpets and replaced them with laminate flooring, changed his bedding to cotton rather than fleecy type material, took the curtains down and replaced them with wooden blinds but still nothing has changed. He's still always poorly. Plus he's very active and ready for nursery but he

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Now he wants to be on the birth certificate
crisis / custody-and-legal

My baby son's dad is not named on his birth certificate and he hasn't got his surname either. The reason for this is because we aren't married and when you aren't married, both parents have to be present at the registration and since he wasn't remotely interested for the first 16 weeks of my baby’s life, he didn't come with me to register his birth. He has been such an a** hole that I just don't want anything to do with him because he has made no attempt to contact me until my baby boy was 16 weeks old. My little boy deserves more than this, it makes me cry all the time that I had a baby with such a waste of space. But now suddenly (and I don’t know why) he wants to be on the birth certificate and wants access. I don’t want him in my son’s life at all but

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False labour woe's !!
pregnancy / third-trimester

Looks like I've had a false labor, leaving hospital now, really thought that was it. Contractions were getting stronger and stronger, then went completely. When I get home I'm ordering a TENS machine straight away this labour business is so painful!!! If anyone has any pain relief suggestions I'd love to hear them.

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