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Am I better of single?
crisis / relationship-issues

My husband and I used to have such an amazing relationship, but it all seemed to change slowly as each child came along. We've got three children under 7 and at first he was great with them, really attentive and helpful, he'd read them bedtime stories and make sure he played with them every night after work. But for the past year and a half I've felt like a single mother. He's changed his hours at work and now he's doing really long hours, so we never see him. He goes out at 7am and gets home at 8pm, after the kids have gone to bed, so I've got all the responsibility of the children. He doesn't appreciate me and criticises everything I do, from my parenting style to his packed lunch. He says I've got an easy life and watch telly all day whiles he's out earning the money. He's

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Hair loss after a baby
health / fashion-hair-and-beauty

Is it normal for you to lose so much hair after you've had a baby? My hair is naturally thick, luckily and got even thicker and longer during pregnancy but now every time I run my hands through it more hair comes out. When I'm in the shower it's clogging up the plug hole. It's all over the floor and my baby keeps picking it up. I can't see any bald patches and it seems to be coming from all over and not just from one place. I'm not sure if I'm losing hair due to stress or if it's post pregnancy related?

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How can I teach my toddler manners?
babies-and-toddlers / behaviour

I'm finding my toddler extremely embarrassing at times. I know it's probably silly to say but her manners are terrible. She'll take toys from other children, she doesn't like to share. She's even taken toys from a baby! She also won't say hello to people when they're talking to her, even relatives and friends. It's so awkward at times. I have to tell them she's really shy. I don't know if it's shyness or her being plain rude.  It's a struggle to teach her how to behave, so if anyone has any handy advice I'd love to hear it. 

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How do I get my kids to do chores?
children / other

My kids are 9,11 and 14 and they are so lazy it's unbelievable. My house looks like a tip from morning till night unless I spend all my spare time cleaning up after them. I feel like a broken record nagging at them relentlessly but it doesn't work, they're still lazy layabouts. How can I get them to DO SOMETHING?!

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My daughter struggles making friends
children / concerns

My sweet little grand-daughter is having a real problem making friends at school. She's painfully shy and comes across as rude at times and so for this reason the other children don't want to play with her. She really likes the other kids but said they won't play with me, bless her, it's horrible to think of her alone all day. I wish I could go to school and help her but I know she needs to do it for herself. I asked her if she smiles at the other children but she said no because they are mean to her. 

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My child has nightmares and cries every night
children / sleeping-problems

My son keeps having nightmares every night and wakes up crying. It's becoming a real problem now as he doesn't want to go to bed. His nightmares involve a lorry and him crossing the road and missing the lorry, this continues until about the 4th and 5th lorry when it's just about to hit him then he wakes up!  This is the nightmare he has most nights. Their are others too but that's the most common. He's scared to cross the road and becoming so bad tempered, no doubt through lack of sleep. He thinks it's a sign that something bad is going to happen. 

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