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Technology and kids - Reading eggs review
leisure / internet-and-gaming

Ok so we as a society use technology more and more every day for more and more uses ( the prime example is the internet what cant you do on it now lol), and as the adult generations uses and advantages grows for technology so does the need for our children's. I myself am a farther of 5 boys and I am an avid gamer ( big up for battlefield 3 lol) , and as such have allowed all my kids to grow to play video games. Now the world our children are growing up into is a totally technology run world, but I have often thought maybe I should of held my children back from video games for a couple of years longer than I did due to the ever growing usage of video games in there life's and lack of everything else!!!! My boys have all succeeded there older siblings by being a better gamer at a set age

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Lauren Booth - sorry excuse for a mother!
current-affairs / in-the-news

I'm completely disgusted and feel sick reading about this dreadful woman who was too busy growing cannabis and staying in bed with her boyfriend to look after her toddler who ended up drinking plant fluid which basically burnt his insides - the poor little thing. She is pictured on the DM website all smiles after not being sent to prison. What a disgusting human being!!

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Is it the end?
crisis / separation-and-divorce

6 months ago my husband left me for another woman and a month ago he came back begging for me to take him back and saying he'd made a mistake, but I don't know if i want him back now. I don't know what to do or who to listen to. Just so confused. He really hurt me and the kids so badly but they all want hims back.

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Is he hitting her?
crisis / domestic-violence

I'm really concerned that a friend of mine is being abused by her husband. She has become really closed off and quite and she is wearing baggy jumpers on hot days. It's a bit odd. The other day I went to hold her arm and she winced and I asked what was wrong and she said leave it and and walked off. Her husband is a bit of a drunk and I don't know what to do.

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Out of control toddler!
babies-and-toddlers / behaviour

Please give me some advice - I have a toddler who is out of control! He screams and screams until I give him what he wants, he won't sleep at night , he is just driving me insane. When he screams it goes right through me and I can't hug him because at that moment I don't like it although it pains me to admit that. I do love him obviously but right now i feel like I'm gonna loose my marbles.

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How do you manage discipline?
children / behaviour

The 'D' word. I have discovered you are either great with discipline or you are really bad at it, and for those in the middle I applaud you and want to know your secrets. Some of us become our parents and hit on just the right amount, whilst others, who have possibly had a very strict upbringing become incredibly laid back to avoid becoming our parents. Which is possibly the worse thing we can do for our children as it doesn't teach them boundaries and a child without boundaries is very difficult to control. So we want to know how you manage discipline at home. Are you good at disciplining your children or do they get away with murder?

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