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Can't get out of debt !
work-and-money / worries-and-debt

Hi , I'm looking for a bit of advice really, I'm in so much debt and can't get myself out of it, I just about manage to make the payments each month, but there's more money going out than I've got coming in, so I can't get myself straight. Every year or so I have to get another loan to pay off my credit cards and overdraft, so all the money I've paid back on the loans has been for nothing, because the total amount of debt remains the same. I've got 3 kids under 6 so I can't work full time because I'd have to pay a nursery more than I can earn. I used to work before the kids came along but my jobs were shop work and the money isn't great and nurseries around my area charge 6.00 p/h for each child, so that would be £12 an hour for two of my kids then after school fees (&po

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How to stay dry at night?
babies-and-toddlers / potty-training

My daughter is 3.5, she's been dry in the day for about 4 months but I haven't attempted nights yet. I need some advice before I go there... How do you keep them dry at night? I need routine ideas, so she can start going through the night. Does anyone use those dry nights pyjama pants ? How long does it take? Do you put a potty in the room?  Sorry for all the questions, just never done this before !

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How do you tell your kid he has two moms?
parents / same-sex-parents

My wife and I adopted a boy at age 2. He is now aged 7 We live in a very tolerant part of the United States, but he is starting to ask questions. We have the idea to just tell it to him like it is; he has two moms. But I was wondering what other couples had to say.

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My bf's daughter is hitting mine
babies-and-toddlers / general-toddlers

I have been friends with my best friend for over 15 years. We met in college and been inseparable ever since, so when we had children at a similar time three years ago I thought it would be brilliant because we'd be able to to the toddler groups together and go for coffee's etc. But we didn't envisage our children not getting along! They are both three and got on well together until this year. Now my friends daughter is practically bullying mine. She takes his toys, hits him and calls him names. It's become really awful because my friend doesn't say anything to stop her from doing it, it's making me really dislike my friend and her daughter. I know she is just a child but there is no excusing her behaviour, it's vile. I think if my friend told her off she wouldn't do it, but she's allow

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How do I keep my children amused and quiet on an aeroplane?
leisure / holidays-and-travel

I have just booked our first spring/summer holiday with all the family (two daughters 4 and 2). Both of our children have never been on an aircraft before and I am concerned as to how they will react. Does any parent have any advice as to how we keep them occupied during the 3 hour flight? Our 4 year old is very shy and I want this to be a pleasant and fun experience for her. We plan to take them to see planes at the airport so they can become a little more accustomed to the sound and smells associated with air travel. Also perhaps equally as worrying is should the girls become agitated and cry etc., how do we deal with other passengers? I have been on flights before and I know that putting up with other peoples noisy children can be very inconvenient.

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Should I come back to the UK?
other / general-chat

Hi, I'm new to the site, but thought I'd post this to see what advice other parents can give me. I moved to France about a year ago with my husband, but things didn't go quite to plan. He couldn't get on here and missed the English culture. I however, really embraced it as did my children. Anyway, unfortunately it took this move to realise my husband and I wanted different things from life, so he went back to the UK whilst I've remained here. The downside though is that my family are back home and I don't have a support network around me here. Only ones I have to pay for. It's been a year now and I'm wondering whether I've done the right thing by staying here or if I should come back home where my family is. Being here is a great experience for my children and for

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