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My 15 year old teenage daughter is pregnant!
tweens-and-teens / pregnancy

Hi  I'm hoping someone out there can give me some much needed advice over what to do as I am in melt down over the fact that I have just found out my 15 year old daughter is pregnant.  I don't know where I have gone so wrong as a parent, she has been a ticking time bomb for a couple of years now but this is a whole new ball game. Now there is another life involved. The father is a boy who she is at school with and about as much use as a chocolate tea pot by all accounts. I haven't spoken with his parents yet as I'm still coming to terms with the news myself.  I'm not sure what to do about it, we did a test when she finally came clean and she's 17 weeks! Which is awful, as it's way past the point of termination in my eyes, the baby is a baby at

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Baby weaning advice needed
babies-and-toddlers / weaning-food

What first foods are best to give a five month old baby?  I want to avoid sugary foods, such as creamy porridge or rusks. Does anyone have any nice recipes I could have?  

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I never have any me time
parents / other

Hello! I'm 19 and recently had my second baby and although I'm really happy that he's here and I love both my children to pieces, I'm struggling to find any 'me' time and it's making me feel a bit crazy. My boyfriend is always out and about, he's working, which I know I shouldn't moan about as he's earning money us. But then after work he feels entitled to go out to the pub with his mates after being at work all day, but he doesn't think about the fact that I've been with two small children all day, every day and I need some adult time or a night out. He just thinks I'm at home having fun all day and he's the only one working hard. I don't have any family nearby so I can't ask them for help and none of my friends have children, so they're out all the

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Now he wants to be on the birth certificate
crisis / custody-and-legal

My baby son's dad is not named on his birth certificate and he hasn't got his surname either. The reason for this is because we aren't married and when you aren't married, both parents have to be present at the registration and since he wasn't remotely interested for the first 16 weeks of my baby’s life, he didn't come with me to register his birth. He has been such an a** hole that I just don't want anything to do with him because he has made no attempt to contact me until my baby boy was 16 weeks old. My little boy deserves more than this, it makes me cry all the time that I had a baby with such a waste of space. But now suddenly (and I don’t know why) he wants to be on the birth certificate and wants access. I don’t want him in my son’s life at all but

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Should I put my 15 yr old on the pill?
tweens-and-teens / teenagers-sex-and-relationships

My 15 year old daughter has got a boyfriend who's a year older than her, who she's spending all of her time with. She even stays at his house, even though they are in separate rooms. But I don't want to be naive and think that they're not up to anything, we were all young once right!?  Now I'm not sure if I should get her to go on the pill. I don't want her to think I'm accepting her having sex or encouraging it, but I don't want her getting pregnant either. We've got a very open relationship and talk about anything.  How can I deal with this situation? Any ideas or tried and tested plans?

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What job can I do from home?
work-and-money / job-hunting-and-training

I'm pregnant at the moment and have a 2 yr old son as well, I'm going on maternity leave soon which |I'm really excited about, but I'm already dreading going back to work as I know how hard it was to leave my boy, I don't think I can do it again for the next one. I need to think of something I can do from home that will give me a decent income. Any ideas???

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