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Birth control advice needed
health / contraception-birth-control

Hi ! I wanted to see what other mums use for their birth control. I used the pill before my baby came along. but I want to try something else because I never really got on with the pill, I'm quite bad a taking it (hence the newbie!) I heard the injection is good and can stop your periods which is a bonus! Since my periods are painful and heavy.  What can you suggest?

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The Underwear Rule - Let's talk PANTS
children / other

Have you heard the latest adverts from the NSPCC to keep children safe from child abuse by having simple conversations with them about their bodies and how to stay protected and safe?  Click the links and read the guides from the NSPCC one for you and one for your child. NSPCC Underwear Rule PANTS Parents Guide

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Who has tried Baby Led weaning?
babies-and-toddlers / weaning-food

HI, I'm looking for a bit of advice about baby led weaning. I've over heard people talking about it at toddler groups but I don't know where to find out much info, my health visitor gave me a booklet on solid feeding but it didn't really mention blw. My baby's 3 months at the moment so I've got a bit of time before he starts on solids, so I thought I'll get to grips with this whole blw thing so I know exactly what I'm doing. Any info you can give me would be appreciated. Thank you  

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How to stay dry at night?
babies-and-toddlers / potty-training

My daughter is 3.5, she's been dry in the day for about 4 months but I haven't attempted nights yet. I need some advice before I go there... How do you keep them dry at night? I need routine ideas, so she can start going through the night. Does anyone use those dry nights pyjama pants ? How long does it take? Do you put a potty in the room?  Sorry for all the questions, just never done this before !

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Am I better of single?
crisis / relationship-issues

My husband and I used to have such an amazing relationship, but it all seemed to change slowly as each child came along. We've got three children under 7 and at first he was great with them, really attentive and helpful, he'd read them bedtime stories and make sure he played with them every night after work. But for the past year and a half I've felt like a single mother. He's changed his hours at work and now he's doing really long hours, so we never see him. He goes out at 7am and gets home at 8pm, after the kids have gone to bed, so I've got all the responsibility of the children. He doesn't appreciate me and criticises everything I do, from my parenting style to his packed lunch. He says I've got an easy life and watch telly all day whiles he's out earning the money. He's

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Is it right to smack a child?
children / behaviour

We can all feel like giving our child a smack from time to time when their behaviour is unruly. But what are your experiences in smacking your child. Were you smacked as a child? Do you think it's right or wrong? When is it justified, when is it not?  This is what the UK law says about a parent smacking a child: As a parent, you have a legal right to smack your child. However, if the violence you use is severe enough to leave a mark, for example a scratch or a bruise, you can be prosecuted for assault, or the child can be taken into local authority care.Please let me know your thoughts on this. Source: http://www.adviceguide.org.uk/wales/law_w/law_civil_rights_e/law_young_people_e/young_peoples_rights.htm#h_punis

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