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8 weeks pregnant with awful morning sickness
pregnancy / first-trimester

If you guys could tell me what to take/eat/do to not experience this horrendous nausea that would be marvellous!!  I'm 8 weeks with my third and I have never had sickness like this before! I wake up and need to be sick the moment my eyes open, I feel dizzy too, it's been like this for three and a half weeks now. I can't go to work in the morning because I'm throwing up till 11 am most days. I don't want to tell my work yet, but I'm running out of reasons for being late or not going in. I never had sickness like this with the other two.  Please please give me some advice!!!

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When would you introduce sugar to a toddlers diet?
babies-and-toddlers / weaning-food

I don’t believe giving young children foods or drinks with sugar in them is a good idea. I tried very hard to keep my daughter away from sugar and I managed to get away with it until she was around three. A toddler group was the first to spoil my daughter’s non-sugar diet by offering her a biscuit while she was there. I also found people in shops and other places would offer her sugary lolly pops as a ‘gift’ or ‘reward’. As a parent, it’s so difficult to say something to these people because you don’t want to appear strict in a horrible way. People are quick to judge and it’s annoying also when people assume that your child will eat anything they give them. I just didn’t want my daughter having sugar because I believe she’d be more likely to eat healthily as she gets

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What's in breast milk?
babies-and-toddlers / breast-bottle-feeding

I expressed for the first time yesterday and put my milk in the fridge. Today I went to use it and it looked like it had curdled, but I saw a post that said it can last for five days so I warmed it up and it went back to normal.  So I wondered what exactly is in breastmilk and how it is made up?

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Breech baby at 39 weeks
pregnancy / third-trimester

I had a midwife appointment earlier and been told my baby's breech! She's been the right way round for weeks & now suddenly she turns at 39 weeks!  The midwife said she could turn back, or they could try and turn her, or I could deliver breech! OUCH!! Don't like the sound of that!! Or a c section if she is a stubborn bambino. Has anyone else had this happen to them? I'd like to hear some stories to help me feel a little less scared.

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What educational apps do you recommend for a 3 year old?
leisure / internet-and-gaming

My 3yr old DD keeps stealing my phone to watch cartoons on netflix but I'd rather download some educational apps for her. I have downloaded a few but they all ended up being a bit rubbish and crammed full of adverts which she kept clicking on accidentally. If anyone knows of any free or cheapish ones, let me know. Cheers!

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How to stay dry at night?
babies-and-toddlers / potty-training

My daughter is 3.5, she's been dry in the day for about 4 months but I haven't attempted nights yet. I need some advice before I go there... How do you keep them dry at night? I need routine ideas, so she can start going through the night. Does anyone use those dry nights pyjama pants ? How long does it take? Do you put a potty in the room?  Sorry for all the questions, just never done this before !

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