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When should I start feeding my baby solids?
babies-and-toddlers / weaning-food

  However, I was just wondering is it OK to stop and wait until she's 6 months and start properly then?  What should I feed her? How often does she need feeding? As in how many solid feeds will she need? And how many milk feeds will she still need? 

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My child has nightmares and cries every night
children / sleeping-problems

My son keeps having nightmares every night and wakes up crying. It's becoming a real problem now as he doesn't want to go to bed. His nightmares involve a lorry and him crossing the road and missing the lorry, this continues until about the 4th and 5th lorry when it's just about to hit him then he wakes up!  This is the nightmare he has most nights. Their are others too but that's the most common. He's scared to cross the road and becoming so bad tempered, no doubt through lack of sleep. He thinks it's a sign that something bad is going to happen. 

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Is it right to smack a child?
children / behaviour

We can all feel like giving our child a smack from time to time when their behaviour is unruly. But what are your experiences in smacking your child. Were you smacked as a child? Do you think it's right or wrong? When is it justified, when is it not?  This is what the UK law says about a parent smacking a child: As a parent, you have a legal right to smack your child. However, if the violence you use is severe enough to leave a mark, for example a scratch or a bruise, you can be prosecuted for assault, or the child can be taken into local authority care.Please let me know your thoughts on this. Source: http://www.adviceguide.org.uk/wales/law_w/law_civil_rights_e/law_young_people_e/young_peoples_rights.htm#h_punis

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It's her last chance before the school turf her out!
tweens-and-teens / behaviour

Hoping someone can give me and my daughter some help. My daughter had her children when she was very young and wasn't the most disciplined of people herself and went off the rails at times leaving me with the kids. She didn't always discipline her daughters when they needed it and now they're 15 and 13 and a handful to say the least. The 15 year old is not too bad, she's smoking but that's about as bad as it gets (as far as I know). But the younger one is an absolute nightmare. She's smoking cannabis, drinking vodka, skiving school, being taken out of class all the time, swearing at the teachers. It gets much worse but there's too much to say on here. She's had two exclusions already and my daughter was told at a TAC (team around the child if you don't know what that is, if you're lucky yo

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My daughter wants an expensive party
tweens-and-teens / tweens-general

My 10 year old daughter wants a big expensive birthday party and I just can't afford it, does anyone have any suggestions?

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5 month old baby teething
babies-and-toddlers / general-babies

My normally very cheerful little chap has become extremely upset today. He isn't settling at all, I've given him some calpol but that hasn't worked. I have even given him a dummy to suck on but he keeps dropping it so that's not working, I have even swaddled him up so he isn't kicked all his covers off, that's making him more angry. What to do ? I need some teething advice...quickly . Thank you : (

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