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How do I know if a baby might have Autism?
children / disabilities-and-special-needs

I know that more and more is being learned about autism, and that early diagnosis is very important. Does anyone know what the latest research says about identifying autism in an 18 mos to 3 year old?

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Unisex toilets..Good idea or terrible one?
education / other

I was listening to LBC and couldn't believe my ears at the suggestion of unisex toilets in a secondary school in Kent in a bid to combat graffiti in the toilets. I don't see how that will help. To my mind the kids will hate it. I certainly wouldn't have wanted to share toilets with the boys when I went to school, it was far too embarrassing. The first thing I thought was that even as an adult I don't like going to a toilet when a man has just left it. I can't see this actually helping the graffiti situation either. They would be better off having a monitoring system with CCTV outside the toilet so they know who's been in and regularly check the toilet for new graffiti.  Anyway that's my view, what are yours?

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My toddler was scared of walking outside when she was around 3 years old
babies-and-toddlers / behaviour

This might sound a bit weird to some people but last summer, my toddler decided she didn’t want to walk outside the house. Every time we took her out, she refused to let her feet touch the ground outside without having a tantrum. It got the point where it was affecting everyone else as we couldn’t go out with her. She was a bit of a late walker and didn’t find her feet until around 16 months or so but when she did, she loved walking everywhere. So I was mystified as to why my daughter, around the 3 year mark, developed a fear of walking. Is that normal? Has anyone else had this happen to them? Several months on, she no longer has a fear of walking outside so things are back to normal. However, she seems to go through phases where she has a fear of something temporarily.

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Top 20 Baby Names for Girls in 2014
babies-and-toddlers / general-babies

Top Girls names in 2014 are: Amelia Olivia Jessica Emily Lily Ava Mia Isla Sophie Isabella Evie Ruby Poppy Grace Sophia Chloe Isabelle Ella Freya Charlotte

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Breech baby at 39 weeks
pregnancy / third-trimester

I had a midwife appointment earlier and been told my baby's breech! She's been the right way round for weeks & now suddenly she turns at 39 weeks!  The midwife said she could turn back, or they could try and turn her, or I could deliver breech! OUCH!! Don't like the sound of that!! Or a c section if she is a stubborn bambino. Has anyone else had this happen to them? I'd like to hear some stories to help me feel a little less scared.

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When should I start feeding my baby solids?
babies-and-toddlers / weaning-food

  However, I was just wondering is it OK to stop and wait until she's 6 months and start properly then?  What should I feed her? How often does she need feeding? As in how many solid feeds will she need? And how many milk feeds will she still need? 

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