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My three year old keeps throwing tantrums
babies-and-toddlers / behaviour

I could do with some advice from other parents on how to deal with my three year old daughter. She's become incredibly clingy and wants to test my patience all the time. For example the other day she kept repeating over and over that she wanted a yoghurt and getting louder and louder even though I had said no, we were in Sainsbury's at the time and people were looking I was so embarrassed. She then started to have a full scale tantrum in the middle of the shop and started kicking and punching me. I just lost it and screamed at her to stop it and then a women came over and asked me if I was OK and I told her to mind her own business. Poor woman, she was only trying to help. But after that incident and too many more to list, I feel like I can’t show my face in t

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Top 20 Baby Names for Girls in 2014
babies-and-toddlers / general-babies

Top Girls names in 2014 are: Amelia Olivia Jessica Emily Lily Ava Mia Isla Sophie Isabella Evie Ruby Poppy Grace Sophia Chloe Isabelle Ella Freya Charlotte

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Doing lines, picking up litter, will it work?
current-affairs / in-the-news

Having a teenager who is a handful at the best of times, I can't help but wonder if doing lines and picking up litter will make any real difference. Yes I agree some consequences need to take place and detention doesn't seem to be a deterant to bad behaviour. But what would be the answer to sorting out the troubles schools have these days with bad behaviour?  

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Can't lose my baby weight!
health / body-issues

I thought that when I had my baby, my body would go back to my old shape after a few months. But it's been 6 months now and I'm still two stone overweight. I've stopped breastfeeding now and I'm trying not to eat too much but I still have a big belly and look pregnant, especially under my belly button, it's really flabby and I know that's hard to get that bit toned. How did other mums get rid of their baby belly ?

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Can my hubby get in the birthing pool?
pregnancy / the-birth

I'm starting to like the idea of a water birth and was wondering whether my husband will be allowed to get in too? Has anyone had a water birth on here? Can you tell me what the experience is like? Was your partner able to join you? And what was the pain like?  I'm currently 28 weeks pregnant with my second baby. Very excited, it's a girl and we have a boy already, feeling very blessed : )

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No periods for 4 months since baby born
health / contraception-birth-control

I wanted to check if this was normal, I had my baby boy over 4 months ago and haven't had a single period yet, I'm starting to get a bit concerned. Is it normal? I breastfed him but the breast feeds are getting fewer and fewer now, it's only about once a day as he wants a bottle all the time. He's a hungry little thing!!  I'm also on the depo injection, does that make a difference? It's my first time using that, I kept forgetting to take the pill when I was on that. I know I should probably do my research but I prefer to ask other mums about this kind of thing.

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