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Can my hubby get in the birthing pool?
pregnancy / the-birth

I'm starting to like the idea of a water birth and was wondering whether my husband will be allowed to get in too? Has anyone had a water birth on here? Can you tell me what the experience is like? Was your partner able to join you? And what was the pain like?  I'm currently 28 weeks pregnant with my second baby. Very excited, it's a girl and we have a boy already, feeling very blessed : )

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V Bac or a C section?
pregnancy / the-birth

I'm currently 27 weeks pregnant with my third baby, the first baby was a normal delivery, the second, an emergency c section. So with this one, I'm not sure whether to opt for a c section or a v bac. I get really scared about my scar rupturing if I have a v bac, I'm also worried that I'll get an infection in my scar if I have another c section. My scar at the moment is really neat so I don't know whether I'll be that lucky again.  I don't really like either option but I have to get the baby out somehow, it's giving me anxiety : ( No more babies after this one. 

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Anger issues in a 14 year old girl
tweens-and-teens / behaviour

I need some advice for my sister in law. Her daughter of 14 has become more of a handful as the years have passed. She gets into a lot of trouble at school and even threatened to throw a chair a one teacher. She has been excluded from school on a number of occasions and regularly walks out of lessons and wanders around the school.  She is so rude to her mum and dad and walks around the house slamming doors and screaming and swearing at everyone.  My sister in law and brother are at their wits end. She is from a loved home and nothing has happened to her to make her this way, she is well looked after and is able to do the things she wants. So we can't understand why she's like this. We fear the school may get to the point where they no longer want her there and

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How can I get my kids to take school seriously?
education / other

I have a son, 7. He is in second grade. He goes to school and is not a problem, but he just does not take school seriously. He rushes through his  work, it  is sloppy, has careless errors etc. I have tried rewards and incentives, but he is not responding. Any ideas?

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Top 20 Baby Names for Boys in 2014
babies-and-toddlers / general-babies

The top 20 boys names for 2014 are: Harry Oliver Jack Charlie Jacob Thomas Alfie Riley William James Joshua George Ethan Noah Samuel Daniel Oscar Max Muhammad Leo

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What educational apps do you recommend for a 3 year old?
leisure / internet-and-gaming

My 3yr old DD keeps stealing my phone to watch cartoons on netflix but I'd rather download some educational apps for her. I have downloaded a few but they all ended up being a bit rubbish and crammed full of adverts which she kept clicking on accidentally. If anyone knows of any free or cheapish ones, let me know. Cheers!

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