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No periods for 4 months since baby born
health / contraception-birth-control

I wanted to check if this was normal, I had my baby boy over 4 months ago and haven't had a single period yet, I'm starting to get a bit concerned. Is it normal? I breastfed him but the breast feeds are getting fewer and fewer now, it's only about once a day as he wants a bottle all the time. He's a hungry little thing!!  I'm also on the depo injection, does that make a difference? It's my first time using that, I kept forgetting to take the pill when I was on that. I know I should probably do my research but I prefer to ask other mums about this kind of thing.

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Baby weaning advice needed
babies-and-toddlers / weaning-food

What first foods are best to give a five month old baby?  I want to avoid sugary foods, such as creamy porridge or rusks. Does anyone have any nice recipes I could have?  

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The Underwear Rule - Let's talk PANTS
children / other

Have you heard the latest adverts from the NSPCC to keep children safe from child abuse by having simple conversations with them about their bodies and how to stay protected and safe?  Click the links and read the guides from the NSPCC one for you and one for your child. NSPCC Underwear Rule PANTS Parents Guide

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Should I come back to the UK?
other / general-chat

Hi, I'm new to the site, but thought I'd post this to see what advice other parents can give me. I moved to France about a year ago with my husband, but things didn't go quite to plan. He couldn't get on here and missed the English culture. I however, really embraced it as did my children. Anyway, unfortunately it took this move to realise my husband and I wanted different things from life, so he went back to the UK whilst I've remained here. The downside though is that my family are back home and I don't have a support network around me here. Only ones I have to pay for. It's been a year now and I'm wondering whether I've done the right thing by staying here or if I should come back home where my family is. Being here is a great experience for my children and for

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How do I keep my children amused and quiet on an aeroplane?
leisure / holidays-and-travel

I have just booked our first spring/summer holiday with all the family (two daughters 4 and 2). Both of our children have never been on an aircraft before and I am concerned as to how they will react. Does any parent have any advice as to how we keep them occupied during the 3 hour flight? Our 4 year old is very shy and I want this to be a pleasant and fun experience for her. We plan to take them to see planes at the airport so they can become a little more accustomed to the sound and smells associated with air travel. Also perhaps equally as worrying is should the girls become agitated and cry etc., how do we deal with other passengers? I have been on flights before and I know that putting up with other peoples noisy children can be very inconvenient.

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Hair loss after a baby
health / fashion-hair-and-beauty

Is it normal for you to lose so much hair after you've had a baby? My hair is naturally thick, luckily and got even thicker and longer during pregnancy but now every time I run my hands through it more hair comes out. When I'm in the shower it's clogging up the plug hole. It's all over the floor and my baby keeps picking it up. I can't see any bald patches and it seems to be coming from all over and not just from one place. I'm not sure if I'm losing hair due to stress or if it's post pregnancy related?

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