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How to stay dry at night?
babies-and-toddlers / potty-training

My daughter is 3.5, she's been dry in the day for about 4 months but I haven't attempted nights yet. I need some advice before I go there... How do you keep them dry at night? I need routine ideas, so she can start going through the night. Does anyone use those dry nights pyjama pants ? How long does it take? Do you put a potty in the room?  Sorry for all the questions, just never done this before !

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Who has tried Baby Led weaning?
babies-and-toddlers / weaning-food

HI, I'm looking for a bit of advice about baby led weaning. I've over heard people talking about it at toddler groups but I don't know where to find out much info, my health visitor gave me a booklet on solid feeding but it didn't really mention blw. My baby's 3 months at the moment so I've got a bit of time before he starts on solids, so I thought I'll get to grips with this whole blw thing so I know exactly what I'm doing. Any info you can give me would be appreciated. Thank you  

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Switching to formula
babies-and-toddlers / breast-bottle-feeding

Can someone give me some advice on how to get my baby to feed from a bottle. I've breastfed him for the last 4 months, but I have to go back to work and need to get him used to a bottle, I can't get on with expressing, just can't get enough. I have tried a few times but he gags on the teat and spits out the milk.  Any advice?

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Baby weaning advice needed
babies-and-toddlers / weaning-food

What first foods are best to give a five month old baby?  I want to avoid sugary foods, such as creamy porridge or rusks. Does anyone have any nice recipes I could have?  

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5 month old baby teething
babies-and-toddlers / general-babies

My normally very cheerful little chap has become extremely upset today. He isn't settling at all, I've given him some calpol but that hasn't worked. I have even given him a dummy to suck on but he keeps dropping it so that's not working, I have even swaddled him up so he isn't kicked all his covers off, that's making him more angry. What to do ? I need some teething advice...quickly . Thank you : (

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I can't stop eating!
health / exercise-and-diet

This is a gross problem I have. I literally eat all day! I'm at home all day with my 3 year old and have been since she was born. My days feel so long and I'm quite bored. I'm missing adult company and working. But I don't want anyone else to bring her up, so I'm comfort eating, my partner says I should go on a diet because I'm getting fat! That's really perked me up, the bad thing is that it's made me eat even more because I feel ugly now as well. I know it's my own doing but I've got into this vicious cycle now. I told my partner how he made me feel and he said he thought if he said that it would make me stop eating, he didn't realise I'd start eating even more. My friends don't really come round any more, my clothes don't fit so I'm living in sweatpants and baggy tops which is really at

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