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It's her last chance before the school turf her out!

Hoping someone can give me and my daughter some help. My daughter had her children when she was very young and wasn't the most disciplined of people herself and went off the rails at times leaving me with the kids. She didn't always discipline her daughters when they needed it and now they're 15 and 13 and a handful to say the least. The 15 year old is not too bad, she's smoking but that's about as bad as it gets (as far as I know). But the younger one is an absolute nightmare. She's smoking cannabis, drinking vodka, skiving school, being taken out of class all the time, swearing at the teachers. It gets much worse but there's too much to say on here. She's had two exclusions already and my daughter was told at a TAC (team around the child if you don't know what that is, if you're lucky you wont need to) meeting it's her last chance. There's a new Head at her school and she won't tolerate her behaviour at all. She's currently under CAHMS but it doesn't seem to be making much of a difference. It's been going on for over a year now and I dread to think what will happen if she get's thrown out of school. But in some ways maybe she needs it to make her understand people aren't going to put up with this. My daughter is distraught and blames herself but she did her best and is trying hard to keep them on the straight and narrow but the youngest just doesn't want to adhere to any boundaries. 


school nightmare smoking discipline children

It sounds like there are some underlying issues going on, have you thought about hypnotherapy ? 
You should pester CAMHS to see if they can find out what is wrong. There could be an undiagnosed condition such as ADHD here.
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