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Son's been suspended from school but was it fair?

My 14 year old son was suspended from school last week. The school told me that he had walked in on a class where a teacher was teaching and interrupted that lesson. Then later in the day a friend of his was being reprimanded by the same teacher and rather than wait outside the classroom while his friend did his detention, my son walked in asking the teacher how long it would take. After asking him to leave several times and my son ignoring him and continuing into the classroom the teacher felt threatened and held up his hands and asked him to stop and step outside. My son then started shouting that the teacher had pushed him. According to the witnesses they said they didn't see that happen. So the school has taken the teachers side as my son gets into trouble a lot.

However, when my son got home he said other students did see it happen and he doesn't know why they are lying, the teacher wouldn't admit to it as he'll be in too much trouble. 

I don't know what to believe as my son makes up a lot of stuff and in the past he has sworn that he didn't do things and then had to admit later down the line when evidence was shown to him that he had. He seems to be really upset over this, but I don't know if it's an act. 

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