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My daughter wants an expensive party

My 10 year old daughter wants a big expensive birthday party and I just can't afford it, does anyone have any suggestions?


birthday daughter

  • forumfan
  • @2014-03-26 17:21:33
  • France
  • Age: 39
Have you thought about a big sleepover. Maybe they could take over the living room and rent some films for them, order pizza, cakes, hot chocolates? Fairly cheap but I'm sure they'd love it.
  • Eviesnan
  • @2014-03-26 17:23:06
  • United Kingdom
  • Age: 71
Is there anything that she'd really interested in? For example if she loves Barbie, you could have a Barbie themed party.
What about a Hollywood glamour party. You could make your own play-dough and they could create hand prints for a walk of fame. You could get your daughter to host a pretend Oscar party with nominations and speeches. They could all dress up as movie stars and put lots of make up on and do each others hair very glamorously and take lots of pictures, pretending to be paparazzi. 
  • ShirleyG
  • @2014-03-26 17:50:26
  • United Kingdom
  • Age: 62
Here are a few ideas I've done for my daughter:-

1. I found a school which had a small swimming pool, I hired it and bought some finger foods from Iceland, she invited her whole class of 30 kids and I spent about £80 in total. She was the most popular girl for a long time!!

2. Save your cereal boxes which have 'buy one get one free' for theme parks. I did this and then used my tesco clubcard points to buy more tickets, She was able to go to Thorpe Park with 4 friends then at the end of the day they came home and I made them pizza and they all slept over.

3. I hired a village hall for £30 an hour and paid a DJ for 3 hours and I made up the food myself and bought lots of soft drinks. This was the most expensive, it was about £250 in total. But she had about 40 people and had a brilliant time.

I'm sure she'll be happy whatever you do.

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