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Thinking of leaving my partner but what am I entitled to?

Me and my partner aren't getting on very well at all any more, so for the sake of our kids I think maybe I should leave. But I don't know what my entitlements are, I've been with my partner for 12 years so it's a massive step and one I've been thinking about for over a year. I looked around at rented houses and they're so expensive, I'd need at least a three bed house for my 3 kids aged between 7 - 12, and in our area they're around £1500 a month. I don't have any savings for the deposit and I only earn £800 a month which I use for food shopping and extra bits and pieces whilst my partner pays the rent and bills. I know it seems crazy to leave with my poor finances but I'm so unhappy and I know he is too. 
If anyone can give me some advice it would really help.



finances food bed

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