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Friend wanting to borrow money

My so called best friend is recently really annoying me as she keeps borrowing money from me and then she 'forgets' to pay it back and say's she has already paid me. I don't want to cause an argument with her so i let it go but it's making me really mad inside! I know it's my fault for lending the money but their is always a 'crisis' where she hasn't got money to buy her kids school PE kit or the gas bill was more than she expected. But now I am short this month for helping a 'friend'. I feel a bit better now for getting that rant out...


money school

Its a shame when friends forget what friendship is about, no disrespect but I would be asking myself, if my friend was in my shoes would they risk being short and helping me out .....? and if the answer is no then I wouldn't put myself in that position again just my thoughts..... and yeah a rant is sometimes needed!!

  • DIYmummy
  • @2014-02-03 16:28:10
  • United Kingdom
  • Age: 42
If she asks again say you can't afford it and you don't want to lend any more money because you don't want to ruin your friendship. 
  • Josie007
  • @2014-02-03 16:29:04
  • United Kingdom
  • Age: 27
I had a friend who did this all the time to me, she isn't a friend any more LOL!!! razz
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